Brut lemon juice

Brut Lemon Juice

With no competitor on the Romanian market, the raw lemon juice is 100% pulpy lemon juice, used for lemonades, salad dressings, soft drinks and it is produced for HORECA agents. No sugar, no additives, no colourants or preservatives – only the fresh, authentic lemon flavour. Nothing can beat this savour!

Brut Lemonade Juice

Raw Lemonade Juice is a product developed for the final customer, so it is a preliminarily sweetened raw lemon juice. It can be found in hypermarkets, next to the other LAURUL syrups. Only add some water and the lemonade is ready to be served!

Oriental lemonades

Hindi Lemonade

The Bollywood dream is shaped in a unique taste: when you close your eyes, you can hear the beginnings of the Indian lemon.

Bengali Lemonade.

It speaks a sweet language, full of intense flavours that send your thoughts to the old Bengali traditions.

Parsi Lemonade

The antique warriors’ spirits and the Persian culture talk a language that can now be translated easier than ever: everything points to the Persian lemon flavour, the one that sends your thoughts in the past and your taste in the heights.