About Us

We began our story in Romania, faraway in 1940 and up until now, every chapter marked our success.

Syrups and soft drinks are the main characters of our story. For over 70 years, we have taken the best out of fruits and shape the authentic taste. Our technology allows us to stay away from preservatives, additives, artificial colouring agents and other so called add-ons.

For over 70 years LAURUL is the Romanian market leader with the fruit syrup, mostly because we kept the traditional Romanian recipe. Every written page gathered the experience that made our partners trust us. Moreover, the whole production process stood on creative, ingenious and determined people. Our work results in products containing 100% natural ingredients, and a perfect taste is the happyhappy ending we always strive for.

Because the market’s requests became important parts of the story, we listened to them: in 2015 we developed and launched the Carnnavalle bar syrups, perfect for cocktails and coffee beverages.

In 2016 we launched the ‘’Raw Lemon Juice’’ for our HORECA partners, to help them constantly provide quality for their customers. With no competitors on the Romanian market, the raw lemon juice contains 100% lemon pulp and can be used for lemonades, dressings and other soft drinks. No sugar, no additives, no colorants or preservatives – only fresh, authentic lemon taste.

In 2017, following the market trends, we launched The Oriental Lemonades, the only range of this kind for HORECA in Romania. The Oriental Lemonades are produced from different kinds of Asian lemons and each of them carries a special story. The lemons are part of oriental, intensively flavoured breeds that strongly differ from the usual lemon kinds.