Fruit Syrups

Our fruit syrups are produced for all kinds of customers and are already best sellers in their category on the Romanian market, in all big hypermarket chains in the country. Also, it is the only natural syrup that’s present in almost all small shops in the country, with distributors in 95% of the counties.
The perfect recipe? One part syrup for six parts water!

Sour cherries syrup

A sweet and sour flavour that brings back the childhood taste.

Strawberry syrup

This natural flavour brings the beginning of the summer in every soft drink!

Roses syrup

The sweetness of your grandmother's jam in a juice you cannot forget!

Raspberry syrup

A sweet and scented taste, with just-the-right-amount of summer.

Blueberry syrup

The beloved blueberry taste, in an intensively flavoured syrup.

Red currant syrup

A sweet and sour dose of well-being.

Lemon syrup

A fresh flavour in a refreshing syrup with a perfect lemon taste.

Elderberry syrup

The fresh taste of childhood, more intense than ever

Orange syrup

For new memories to make with your loved ones!

*The syrups contain at least 5% natural fruit juice, 65g of sugar/100g of syrup and a total amount of 975 g (750 ml)